Short Female Lekku - LATEX Twi'lek Headpiece
Short Female Lekku - LATEX Twi'lek Headpiece
Short Female Lekku - LATEX Twi'lek Headpiece
Short Female Lekku - LATEX Twi'lek Headpiece

Short Female Lekku - LATEX Twi'lek Headpiece

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This sale is for a newly cast female Twi'lek lekku headpiece in the shorter 24 inch length. 

Shipping Time:
Every lekku headpiece is made to order, and will be cast, stuffed, and shipped as quickly as possible. Please be patient, and know that I'm always casting and shipping as fast as I can!

Ear Cones:
Each headpiece comes with one pair of latex ear cones. If you wish to order extra pairs of ear cones, you can find them in the Twi'lek Accessories section of my store. If you are going to use multiple head wraps for your Twi'lek costumes, it helps to have an extra pair of ear cones for each wrap!

Length and Flexibility:
These lekku are the shortest length that I cast, and they are approximately 24 inches in length. Latex is quite stiff, and these lekku will have very little movement when you wear them. While they can be drawn forward to hang over the shoulders, I do not recommend doing so since it does not look natural and can cause permanent creases in the latex. If you want more flexible lekku, I recommend purchasing silicone lekku.

The shorter length of lekku average between 1.3 and 1.6 pounds. The weight varies because I can't always use the exact same amount of latex, stuffing, and expanding foam.

Head Sizing Options: 

I measure my head like this:

Large Headpiece Size:
This size of headpiece is made for a head approximately 21.5 inches or 54.5 cm when measured just above the ears. This is the most commonly ordered size, especially for girls who have long hair that must fit inside the headpiece. If you're in the "mid range" between the large and small sizes, I recommend going with the larger size. From time to time girls tell me that the small headpiece is too tight for them, but I rarely hear about problems with the larger size. If you are concerned that the large size might be too tight, I recommend switching over to silicone lekku. Silicone is much more stretchy than latex, and can be much more comfortable because of it!

Small Headpiece Size:
I no longer make this size of lekku. The mold was very old and worn out, and I don't get orders for that size so there was no reason to make a new mold.

Latex is a natural plant product and a lot of factors influence how long it will last. I own latex headpieces which still look good after six years, and I've talked to customers who are still wearing my latex headpieces after eight years. But I have also seen latex headpieces begin to develop cracks in just eight months. Latex breaking down can be caused by high temperatures, extended exposure to sunlight, very dry or very wet climate, the oils in skin and makeup, or just the effects of wear and tear over time. Even the weather when the sap was collected and the amount of time the bucket sat on a store shelf before I purchased it can play a role in the longevity of each headpiece. The easiest way to make a headpiece last longer is to make the latex much thicker... but then the lekku will be too heavy! I have done my best to find a balance between thickness/durability and weight/comfort for each casting I make. If a latex headpiece begins to crack, it is best to make repairs right away before the cracks grow. It's easy to paint new layers of liquid latex over the cracked spots, so if you ever need to make repairs just let me know and I can help you out. The best way to preserve a latex headpiece is to always transport and store it in a cool area away from direct sunlight. Too much time spent in a hot vehicle or in the sunlight coming through a window can definitely shorten the life of the latex!

The tips are filled with tiny polystyrene beads, the lekku are filled with pillow stuffing, and the top curves of the lekku are filled with a soft expanding foam which preserves the shape of the lekku and keeps them from sagging where they curve out from the head.

The headpiece is raw latex which has not been painted. I paint my own lekku with the same body paint that I use on myself so that the lekku color will be an exact match with the rest of my skin. At first I used Ben Nye MagiColor Liquid paint, but water based paints rub off my skin easily, so eventually I switched to alcohol based paints which last MUCH longer than the water based stuff.  Body paint sticks to latex well, especially when you apply the paint with an airbrush. It is much harder to get the color even when you apply the paint with only a sponge or brush. Acrylic crafts paint can be used in very thin layers if you mix the paint 50/50 with liquid latex or Pros-Aide (PAX) and powder it well after the paint dries, but keep in mind that the paint will change color as it dries, it will be shiny, and it can crack and peel over time. Do NOT paint the lekku with acrylic paint straight out of the bottle, because the paint will crack and flake off! Airbrush paints such as Createx can also be used, but they should be sealed with a product such as Liquitex matte varnish. Some girls have used flesh colored creme makeup on the lekku, and then sealed the makeup with setting powder and spray. I've never tried that myself, but they have told me that it stayed on well and looked good.

The photos shown in this sale are not the same lekku headpiece which is for sale. They are examples. The lekku I ship will be cast from the same mold, and will look identical save for any natural variations in the latex and stuffing.

I would be happy to help with any Twi'lek costuming questions, so please feel free to ask. Twi'lek costumes are a lot of work, especially since you have to do the body paint every time you wear them if you want to be an exotic color... but it's definitely worth the effort. It's really fun! People often stop you for a picture, and I have a good laugh every time somebody asks, "Can I touch your tentacles?" Good times!


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