Temptu SILICONE Twi'lek Headpieces - Medium Length
Temptu SILICONE Twi'lek Headpieces - Medium Length
Temptu SILICONE Twi'lek Headpieces - Medium Length
Temptu SILICONE Twi'lek Headpieces - Medium Length
Temptu SILICONE Twi'lek Headpieces - Medium Length
Temptu SILICONE Twi'lek Headpieces - Medium Length

Temptu SILICONE Twi'lek Headpieces - Medium Length

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This listing is for pre-colored silicone headpieces in the medium length. They are made to match the Temptu brand of body paint. Temptu is an alcohol based body paint that comes in a liquid that is ideal for airbrush application. The paint has excellent durability, and I do recommend it. I have found that Temptu has a slight tacky feel and a bit of shine, but a light powdering with translucent makeup powder takes care of this problem.

 These are the color samples I have so far:

#1 - Dark Purple Mix (1 part purple, 2 parts white)

#2 - Medium Purple Mix (1 part purple, 3 parts white)

#3 - Light Purple Mix (1 part purple, 4 parts white)

#4 - Olive Adjuster

#5 - Medium Olive Adjuster Mix (1 part olive adjuster, 1 part white)

#6 - Light Olive Adjuster Mix (1 part olive adjuster, 2 parts white)

#7 - Orange 307 (Please note that the pigments needed to match this color are very transparent, which makes the lekku appear blotchy.)

#8 - Prime Yellow (Please note that the pigments needed to match this color are very transparent, which makes the lekku appear blotchy.) 

#9 - White

#10 - Yellow 200 (I have this sample in case anyone wants to use this color... but I highly advise AGAINST using it. It has poor coverage and a nasty color!)

#11 - Electric Blue  (The pigments needed to match this color are very transparent and have a tendency to leave streaks of darker blue color in the silicone. I highly recommend selecting a mix with some white added to make the silicone more opaque.)

#12 - Dark Electric Blue Mix (1 part electric blue, 1 part white)

#13 - Medium Electric Blue Mix (1 part electric blue, 2 parts white)

#14 - Light Electric Blue Mix (1 part electric blue, 4 parts white)

#15 - Prime Red

#16 - Red (The two reds are nearly identical. The plain red is very slightly more blue in tone, but it's hard to see the difference!)

#17 - Dark Pink Mix (1 part red, 1 part white)

#18 - Light Pink Mix (1 part red, 4 parts white)

#19 - Gray Mix (1 part black, 4 parts white)

#20 - Medium Blue Mix (1 part blue, 1 part white)

#21 - Light Blue Mix (1 part blue, 4 parts white)

#22 - Medium Green Mix (1 part green, 1 part white)

#23 - Light Green Mix (1 part green, 4 parts white)

#24 - Medium Cool Blue Mix (1 part cool blue, 1 part white)

#25 - Light Cool Blue Mix (1 part cool blue, 4 parts white)


Please Note: I DO sell a limited quantity of Temptu body paint and I can ship it with your lekku in order to help you save on shipping costs, but the paint is not automatically included with the lekku. It is a separate item that you can add to your order. I included a paint bottle in each picture to show that the lekku were made to match that color, and to help people see which brand/color of paint to buy if they want to match the color of the lekku. A bottle of paint is NOT shipped with the lekku unless you order the paint. If you are interested in ordering paint with your lekku, please contact me to find out if I have the color you like in stock. I will try to have all of ingredients for the mixed colors available, and can make the mixes for you. Since Temptu is an alcohol based paint, I can only ship it via GROUND shipping within the continental U.S. and I cannot ship priority or international, sorry!

I do my best to match the silicone to each body paint color as closely as possible. I cannot guarantee a perfect match, but I will always try to get the colors as close as I can!

Shipping Time:
Every lekku headpiece is made to order, and will be cast, stuffed, and shipped as quickly as possible.  The final shipping time will depend on how many orders I have in my work queue, and how complicated the designs are. Please be patient, and know that I'm always casting and shipping as fast as I can!

Ear Cones:
Each female headpiece comes with one pair of ear cones. If you wish to order extra pairs of ear cones, you can find them in the Twi'lek Accessories section of my store. If you are going to use multiple head wraps for your Twi'lek costumes, it helps to have an extra pair of ear cones for each wrap! Male Twi'leks have human style ears, so I do not include ear cones with male headpieces.

A Note on Painting Silicone:
Silicone is more challenging to paint than other materials. Unlike latex headpieces, you can't paint silicone with the same body paint that you use on yourself. Please read the tutorial for painting silicone in the Tutorials section of my store if you want to add spots, tattoos, or change the color of your lekku!

Head Size:
Silicone headpieces are only made in a small size because silicone will stretch to fit.

Length and Flexibility:
These lekku are 27 inches in length when cast. They stretch a couple inches longer to approximately 29 inches when they're stuffed, and may get a little bit longer when worn since the silicone can stretch a bit under its own weight. These longer lekku are very flexible and will sway considerably as you move. Silicone lekku are really, really wiggly!

Unlike latex which can crack after a while, silicone lasts a long time. My oldest silicone headpiece is nine years old, and it is still in perfect shape. Silicone is prone to tearing under some conditions, however, so you must be careful not to create a weakened point where a rip might get started. When trimming away excess silicone around the head opening, make sure to cut a straight line with your scissors. If you leave a jagged edge, that point can begin to tear. Cut a smooth, even line and it shouldn't be a problem!

The lekku are filled with pillow stuffing. I reinforce the top curves with a soft expanding foam which preserves the shape of the curve and holds the pillow stuffing in place.

These lekku average between 1.4 and 1.7 pounds. The weight varies because I can't always use the exact same amount of silicone, stuffing, and expanding foam.

Silicone is prone to building up a static charge. It's not a huge problem, just keep in mind that pillow stuffing fibers, loose bristles from paint brushes, and bits of hair will inevitably be found stuck to your headpiece. For the extra wiggle of silicone, though.... it's worth it. To reduce a static buildup, rub baby powder into the silicone with a cloth, and then wipe off the extra powder. It will cut down the static charge and reduce the silicone shine to give your lekku a more natural look.

Nothing sticks to silicone! If you want to attach a decoration permanently to the lekku, most glues won't work. Instead, you must use a dab of silicone or a silicone adhesive. I recommend Sil-Poxy, which is sold by Smooth-On. If the foam stuffing won't stay in the lekku you can use Sil-Poxy to glue it into place, and if the silicone ever develops a tear you can use Sil-Poxy to apply a patch.

The photos shown in this sale are examples. The lekku I ship will be cast from the same mold and will look identical save for any natural variations in the silicone and stuffing. Please remember that colors can vary widely on different monitors. They may look lighter or darker, or appear to have different shades from one screen to the next. If you want to be sure that a color is exactly what you want, I advise getting a sample of the paint to test before you purchase a headpiece in that color.

I would be happy to help with any Twi'lek costuming questions, so please feel free to ask. Twi'lek costumes are a lot of work, especially since you have to do the body paint every time you wear them if you want to be an exotic color... but it's definitely worth the effort. It's really fun! People often stop you for a picture, and I have a good laugh every time somebody asks, "Can I touch your tentacles?" Good times!

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