I currently have over 70 lekku orders, so please expect new orders to take at least 4 to 5 months to complete. Thank you for your patience!
I currently have over 70 lekku orders, so please expect new orders to take at least 4 to 5 months to complete. Thank you for your patience!
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Reel Creations Body Paint

Reel Creations Body Paint

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Please Note: Shopify is not letting me add a drop-down menu with the colors I have available. (It says I have too many options!)  Until I find a workaround, please let me know at checkout which color(s) you are ordering.  Just click on the "ADD A NOTE TO THIS ORDER" link on the shopping cart page, and you can list your colors there. Sorry about the inconvenience!


Reel Creations is an alcohol based paint, so it has excellent durability. While you can apply it with a sponge or brush, I recommend sponging/brushing on a very thin first layer, and then airbrushing a second very thin layer to even out the color. Remove the paint with an oil based makeup remover, or you can use an oil such as coconut oil or baby oil to break down the paint. I recommend Reel Creations remover; it works really well and really fast!


If you order this paint at the same time that you make a lekku order, I can ship them together to save on shipping costs. If you order the paint alone, I will ship it in a small, sturdy box.


Because of postal regulations, alcohol based paint can only be shipped via ground shipping within the continental United States. I cannot ship it to international addresses. 


My prices are the same as the prices on the Reel Creations website:

1 ounce = $14.50

2 ounces = $25.50 ($12.75 per ounce)

4 ounces = $48.00 ($12.00 per ounce) 

8 ounces = $90.00  ($11.25 per ounce)

Color Options:

Mixed colors:

I can mix up a batch of Reel Creations ink to match any of the color mixes available on my Reel Creations lekku page. 

Custom colors:

I am happy to work with you to create a custom mixed color to match a specific character or your own ideas! I have color mix recipes on hand for Hera, Aayla, and a number of other characters.

Reel Creations Standard Colors:

I will keep as many bottles of Reel Creations in stock as I can afford to purchase each month. It can be difficult to predict which colors/amounts will be ordered, however, so there may be times when I need to order more paint before I can ship it out. If you are ordering a bottle of paint with your headpiece, there will be plenty of time for me to purchase more paint to ship with your lekku. If you are in a hurry, I recommend checking with me first to make sure I have the paint you need on hand. If I don't have it and you need the paint right away, then I recommend ordering directly from Reel Creations to save time.

These are the colors that I have found to be best for Twi'lek costuming, though there are others in the Reel Creations lineup that would also work well. I have many of these colors in stock.

 Blue Shader BL4

Blush GC2

Avocado Toner


Blue #4

Deep Red #7

Desert Sand


Fleshtone ML

Green #6


Lite Toner

Olive, Orange


Red #2

Red Brown

Royal Blue


Septic Green

Sunburn M4

Sunburn #1


Vein, Violet

White #8

Yellow #3



(Please note: Many of the Reel Creations colors are quite dark on their own, and they need to be mixed with white to make a brighter color. If you order a color that is very dark, I will check with you about it before I mail the paint.)


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