Wearing a Wig Cap

When I first started putting my hair in a wig cap for Twi'lek costuming, I tried all the usual suggestions that I found online: braid your hair first, pintuck your hair, put it in buns, etc. I didn't like the results for any of the suggested styles. Some reeeeally pulled on my hair once I put on my lekku. Some left lumps and bumps that were visible right through the lekku. Some pressed into my scalp rather painfully when I put on the forehead wraps. And, some were just way too tedious to deal with on a regular basis. Through trial and errror I eventually started putting up my hair this way... and more than ten years later, this is still how I'm putting up my hair no matter if it's shoulder length or long enough to get caught in my belt loops!

Start by setting a wig cap within easy reach. Turn it inside out, so the seams are on the outside.

Split your hair into two sides. It doesn't have to be exact.

Take one side, and begin wrapping it around your head, trying to keep the hair flat and not bunched up. 

Shorter hair doesn't go all that far around. When I let my hair get waist length it goes around my head quite a bit. When you've got it wrapped, keep your palm over the hair to keep it in place.

Take the other half, and begin wrapping it in the other direction, right over the top of the first wrap.

And again, use one palm to hold your hair in place.

Put your hand inside the wig cap. (Remember, it's inside out!)

Press the wig cap over the top of your head. (Wig caps are generally pretty durable, but still, try not to poke a fingernail through the mesh!)

Hold your hair wraps in place with the hand holding the wig cap, and then use your other hand to pull the cap down onto your head.

Once the wig cap is down, you can use both hands to adjust it. Now the wig cap seams are on the inside, so they won't create bumps under the lekku!

Tuck any loose hair inside the cap, and flatten out any bumps in your hair by 'massaging' it into place through the cap.

Done!  No lumps, no hair getting pulled!