I currently have over 70 lekku orders, so please expect new orders to take at least 4 to 5 months to complete. Thank you for your patience!
I currently have over 70 lekku orders, so please expect new orders to take at least 4 to 5 months to complete. Thank you for your patience!
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Aayla Secura Silicone Lekku
Aayla Secura Silicone Lekku
Aayla Secura Silicone Lekku

Aayla Secura Silicone Lekku

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This sale is for a made-to-order Aayla Secura style SILICONE lekku headpiece. 


Price Breakdown:

The medium style lekku are $165, and the half-lekku spots pattern is $25. 



There are many different versions of Aayla Secura, depending on which source you prefer:

- Comic Style: Large white (or very light blue) spots at the top curve of the lekku. These spots can be airbrushed or hand painted. I feel that hand painted spots best match the sharp lines of the comic art.

- Movie Style: Smaller and more subtle spots in a slightly lighter shade of blue at the top curve of the lekku. These spots can be airbrushed or hand painted based on your preference. 

- Clone Wars Style: Small pale blue spots scattered randomly over the entire headpiece. Can be airbrushed or hand painted. I feel that airbrushed spots best match the softer look of the spots in the cartoon art.



Airbrushed Spots:

This technique results in spots that have a fuzzy edge with some overspray around them.  

Hand Painted Spots:

This technique results in spots that have hard, even edges. 




First, a note about body paint. When I first started costuming as Aayla, I used a water-based body paint. I WAS MISERABLE.  The water-based paint sweated off in the bare armpit, the bottom edge of my half-vest rubbed the paint off my torso and the edges of the fabric around the arm hole rubbed the paint off the areas it touched, the crease of my elbow on the bare arm was always visible because the paint was damaged where my skin puckered. I was constantly having to run to the restroom to touch up the paint, and my poor husband got really tired of having me ask how my paint looked, or waiting for me to fix it. Then, I discovered alcohol-based paint. It's more expensive and I had to purchase an airbrush and little travel air compressor to apply the paint... but it made an absolute world of difference! I purchased some Reel Creations paint, spent a bit of time experimenting with color mixes to get the color that I wanted... then I threw away my water-based paint and I will NEVER go back! Now my paint looks perfect all day long, and I can even change into a different Twi'lek costume after a few hours and the paint will still look great. If you're planning to make an Aayla costume, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using an alcohol or hybrid paint. It will help your confidence in your costume, and it will help you enjoy your day in costume without stressing about how your body paint looks. (Just make sure to have body paint remover, too, because soap and water won't work!)

Reel Creations Mix:

This is the color that I used for my own Aayla costume, based on the comic art. I mix up large batches at a time: 9 ounces white, 4 ounces blue #4, and 1 ounce of turquoise to tone down the brightness of the blue. Reel Creations is an alcohol based ink, so it is very durable and lasts a long time. Apply with an airbrush for best results, and you will need a makeup remover to take it off. Soap and water won't work! I do sell Reel Creations ink, and can combine shipping with the headpiece. SHIPPING NOTE: Because of postal regulations, alcohol based paint can only be shipped via GROUND. I cannot ship it to International addresses or via Priority Express.

Endura Light Blue:

This color is very similar to my Reel Creations mix, without having to mix the paint.  Endura is an alcohol based paint, so it stays on the skin really well, and needs a body paint remover to take it off.  Endura is available in more international locations than Reel Creations. Endura is a much thicker paint, so it can be applied with a brush, but airbrush will give more even results. 

ProAiir Hybrid Sky Blue or Electric Blue:

These blues from ProAiir are also very popular with Aayla costumers, and ProAiir is another brand that is becoming easy to find around the world.  ProAair is a hybrid paint, which means that it has the excellent durability of alcohol based paint, but it can be washed off with soap.... but I still recommend using a good makeup remover to take it off.  Plain soap takes too long! ProAiir is a thicker paint that can be applied with a brush or sponge, but as always you will get better results with an airbrush. (Please note: I have noticed that the Sky Blue color tends to develop a flaky crackled look after a short time of wear. It doesn't seem to rub or flake off, but it does look like it is trying to do so within half an hour of application. For best results you need to keep the paint application very thin, but then the skin tone shows through a lot. To get a true blue color it takes a thicker layer of paint, which leads to the appearance of flaking.)


Water Based Paints:

These paints come in cake form, and they can be applied with a brush or sponge dampened with water. They are cheaper to purchase than hybrid or alcohol based paints, and they can be washed off with soap and water. If you are going to wear a blue body suit and then only paint your face and neck, then these paints should work fine. But if you're going to be painting your torso and bare arm, then I don't recommend them. They'll rub and sweat off, and cause you a lot of frustration! These are the popular water based paints that Aayla costumers have used:

Mehron Paradise Light Blue

Kryolan 587

Superstar Magic Blue

Superstar Pastel Blue


Custom Color:

If you would like me to match a different paint brand/color that I didn't list, or a custom color that you have mixed yourself, I can custom color the silicone to match it for you. Just select Custom Color in the drop down menu, and then when you get to the checkout page you can select "Add a note to this order" and tell me what paint brand/color you would like me to match.


Head Sizing Options:

The Aayla style headpieces are made in only one size. The mold is 21 inches in diameter and will stretch to accommodate larger head sizes. 

Ear Cones:

I will include one pair of matching ear cones with this headpiece.

Shipping Time:
Every lekku headpiece is made to order, and will be cast, stuffed, and shipped as quickly as possible.  The final shipping time will depend on how many orders I have in my work queue, and how complicated the designs are. Please be patient, and know that I'm always casting and shipping as fast as I can!

My Order Spreadsheet:

I have a Google spreadsheet where I keep a list of my current orders. It only shows each person's name and what style of headpiece they ordered, but it lets everyone know how many orders I have at any given time and they can watch their names move up to the top of the list as I ship out headpieces. I also post occasional notes and updates at the top of the spreadsheet. If you would like to see the spreadsheet, you can find it here: 


Length and Flexibility:

These lekku are 27 inches in length when cast. They stretch a bit when they're stuffed, and may get a little bit longer when worn since the silicone can stretch a bit under its own weight. These silicone lekku are much more flexible than latex lekku and will sway more as you move. 


Unlike latex lekku, which can begin to crack after a while, silicone lasts quite a long time. My oldest silicone headpiece is nine years old, and it is still in perfect shape even after traveling back and forth across the country for quite a few conventions. Silicone is prone to tearing under some conditions, however. It won't tear without a starting point, so you must be careful not to create a weakened point where a rip might get started. This is primarily a concern around the edges of the head opening. When trimming away excess silicone, make sure to cut a straight line with your scissors. If you leave a jagged edge, that point can begin to tear. Cut a smooth, even line and it won't be a problem! Stuffing: The lekku are filled with pillow stuffing. I reinforce the top curves of the lekku with a layer of firmer silicone and then they are filled with a soft expanding foam which preserves the shape of the curve. Please note that because of the wonderful stretch of silicone, sometimes it is really difficult to remove every trace of 'sagging' in that area where the lekku curve out from the head. Even after years of making silicone lekku I've never been able to fully eliminate that issue!


These lekku average between 1.4 and 1.7 pounds. The weight varies because I can't always use the exact same amount of silicone, stuffing, and expanding foam. I try to keep everything within the same range, however, based on the results I've found to work the best. The silicone itself averages one pound, and the rest of the weight comes from the stuffing.


Silicone is more prone to building up a static charge than anything else I've ever worked with. It's not a huge problem for costumers, just keep in mind that pillow stuffing fibers, loose bristles from paint brushes, and bits of hair will inevitably be found stuck to your headpiece. For the extra wiggle of silicone, though.... it's worth it. You can rub baby powder on the lekku to reduce the static and shine of the silicone.


Nothing sticks to silicone! If you want to attach a decoration permanently to the lekku, typical glues like rubber cement won't work. Instead, you must use a silicone specific adhesive. I recommend Sil-Poxy, which is sold by Smooth-On. If the foam stuffing starts to come out of the lekku after a while, you can also use the Sil-Poxy to glue it back into place, and if the headpiece ever develops a tear, Sil-Poxy can be used to apply a patch.

Because Eleena's head wrap does not go all of the way around her head, if you make an accurate forehead wrap you may need to glue down the lekku at the back of your head.  For this, I recommend Skin Tite, which is a skin safe silicone adhesive.  (I just cheated and made my Eleena headwraps go all the way around my head... it's not accurate, but it's faster and a whole lot more comfortable!)

International Orders:

If you're an international customer, please review your country's import policy before purchasing. Customs fees and import taxes are the sole responsibility of the buyer. As a business owner I cannot declare on the customs paperwork that the lekku are a gift, or that they have a very low value.


The photos shown in this sale are not the same lekku headpiece which is for sale. They are examples. The lekku I ship will be cast from the same mold and will look identical save for any natural variations in the silicone, colorant, and stuffing. Please keep in mind that colors appear different on different monitors.

I would be happy to help with any Twi'lek costuming questions, so please feel free to ask. Twi'lek costumes are a lot of work, especially since you have to do the body paint every time you wear them if you want to be an exotic color... but it's definitely worth the effort. It's really fun! People often stop you for a picture, and I have a good laugh every time somebody asks, "Can I touch your tentacles?" Good times!

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