Leather and Pattern for Head Wraps
Leather and Pattern for Head Wraps
Leather and Pattern for Head Wraps

Leather and Pattern for Head Wraps

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Included in this sale:

- One rectangular piece of vegetable tanned leather. The leather is cut larger than needed for making a head wrap. You will need to trace the wrap pattern onto the leather, cut it out, and then wet-form the leather into the proper shape. Be sure to save the leather scraps; they're good for testing paint colors and adding accent pieces to your wraps! (Basically, you soak the leather to make it soft and pliable, then use a head form or your own head to shape the leather. Let the leather dry, and it will stay in the proper shape. After that you can paint or dye the leather. I left my wrap plain brown to suit my Jedi costumes, but you can easily glue decorations onto the leather after painting it. Finish the headpiece by adding a closure in the back. I prefer Velcro to make the sizing adjustable.

- One copy of the pattern that I used to make my own wrap.  The pattern is drawn on heavy paper, and will not be cut out so that you can change the pattern to suit your head size and the style of wrap that you want before cutting it out.

- One piece of Industrial Strength Velcro for the back closure. (Well, technically it's two pieces, since you need both the hooks and the fuzzy side!)

Step by step instructions for making a leather head wrap will be added to the tutorials section asap. I'm still assembling my new store!

Please Note:

Because vegetable tanned leather is a natural product, there will be variations in the color, texture, thickness, and stiffness of the hide from one piece to the next. Even the suede on the back can vary from a very flat to a very fuzzy finish. Flaws such as scars, brands, and tanning/stretching clamp marks are also common. I will attempt to cut the leather so that any major flaws are to the side where they won't interfere with the head wraps, but I cannot guarantee that the piece of hide will be perfect. (We would have to pay a whole lot more per hide for guaranteed quality hides, and I've found that most costumers are willing to work around the flaws in order to get a more affordable piece of leather.)

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