Reel Creations Hera Mix
Reel Creations Hera Mix

Reel Creations Hera Mix

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This is my personal Hera color mix which I used on my sample headpiece. It is a custom mix of Reel Creations Ink: 3 parts Avocado Toner, 1 part Green, and 5 parts Lite Toner. It is the closest match I have been able to make to Hera's color references so far. 


If you order this paint at the same time that you make a lekku order, I can ship them together to save on shipping costs. If you order the paint alone, I will ship it in a small, sturdy box.


Because of postal regulations, alcohol based paint can only be shipped via ground shipping within the continental United States. I cannot ship it to international addresses, and I cannot use Priority mail. 



My prices are the same as the prices on the Reel Creations website:

1 ounce = $14.50

2 ounces = $25.50  ($12.75 per ounce)

3 ounces = $37.14  ($12.38 per ounce)

4 ounces = $48.00  ($12.00 per ounce)

Reel Creations Ink:

Reel Creations is an alcohol based paint, so it has excellent durability. While you can apply it with a sponge or brush, I recommend sponging/brushing on a very thin first layer, and then airbrushing a second very thin layer to even out the color. Remove the paint with an oil based makeup remover, or you can use an oil such as coconut oil or baby oil to break down the paint. I recommend Reel Creations remover; it works really well and really fast!


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