Twi'lek Ear Cones - One Pair

Twi'lek Ear Cones - One Pair

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This sale is for a pair of female Twi'lek ear cones. Having extra ear cones really comes in handy when you want to wear different forehead wraps without having to switch the ear cones between them.

They are cast in latex or silicone and stuffed with soft expanding foam. They are shaped like miniature sombreros, so you just stick them through a hole in the head wrap, and glue or sew them in place. I typically cover the inner side of the ear cones with a round piece of fabric or leather that matches the head wraps. If it's fabric, I tack the circle in place with a whipstitch or double sided quilting tape, while leather is held in place with rubber cement.

The latex ear cones have not been painted. I paint my own latex ear cones with the same body paint that I use on myself and my lekku so that the color will be an exact match with the rest of my skin. 

The silicone ear cones come in a basic flesh tone, or I can pre-color them to match your body paint color. (Please allow extra time for me to match body paint colors.) If you would like me to match a certain body paint color, just select "custom color" in the drop-down menu, and then when you get to your shopping cart, click on "Add a note to this order" and let me know what brand/color of body paint you would like me to match!

The photos shown in this sale are not the same ear cones which are for sale. They are examples. The ear cones I ship will be cast from the same mold, and will look identical save for any natural variations in the latex, silicone, and stuffing.

Combined Shipping:
The ear cones will be shipped in a small box if they are ordered alone. If they are ordered with a lekku headpiece, then I will combine shipping and refund any extra shipping costs that were charged.

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