Mara Jade Cape Clasp
Mara Jade Cape Clasp
Mara Jade Cape Clasp

Mara Jade Cape Clasp

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This sale is for a cast urethane cape clasp for Mara Jade. It has been sanded, primered, and painted metallic silver.


Plain Back - This option is for just the urethane casting with no closure on the back.

Tie Pin Back - This option comes with a tie pin glued to each side on the back.

Velcro Back - This option comes with a piece of industrial strength stick-on Velcro for the cape clasp, and sew-on velcro to be sewn on each side of the cape. (This is the option that I put on my own cape. I found that it helps me attach the cape clasp in the perfect spot each time I put on my cape, and it's fast and easy to put on and take off! Be sure to make the Velcro smaller than the size of the cape clasp so the Velcro won't be visible at the edges!)

The photos shown in this sale are not of the same piece which would be shipped to you. They are examples, so I won't have to take pictures of the same basic thing over and over again! The resin piece I ship will be cast from the same mold, and will look identical save for any natural variations in the casting and painting process.

Combined Shipping Costs:
The cape clasp will be shipped in a small box if it is ordered alone. If it is ordered with other items from my shop, I can combine shipping and refund any extra shipping costs that were charged.

I would be happy to help with any Mara Jade costuming questions, so please feel free to ask!

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